The Unsolicited Directors Of Entertainment

So, Cancun and Playa Del Carmen are crawling with private resorts. Our first apartment in Playa was right behind a giant all-inclusive resort. Of course, this made us curious about the place. But at over $100USD for a day pass, we weren’t curious enough to drop that kind of money.

We joked around with our Canadian neighbors about sneaking in. Now, before you judge me – I made it clear to everyone […]

The South Carolina Zombie Posse

I woke up this morning and found a chicken foot in my purse.

Perhaps I should explain myself. Last night, being Friday the 13th and all, we decided it would be a good idea to dress up like zombies. I mean, why not?

First, remember that I am in Columbia, South Carolina. I have found some cool kats here to hang with, but this is a fairly small, conservative southern city. The longer I’m here, […]

The REAL Reason My Necklace Broke!

I worked in The Burque for one week last November. When I was here that last time, I splurged and purchased a fine silver and turquoise Pakistani necklace from a Swedish woman with an intense handshake who runs a new-age type crystal shoppe/bookstore. I wore the necklace to my next destination, Chicago, whereupon, the very next day, one of the platelet hinges snapped. Admittedly, this happened while I was dancing super-hard with a bunch of […]