14 Days.

I’m setting off for ABQ in fourteen days.

Today I realize that this is not a very long time. By now, I’ve uprooted and headed out and been on the road so much and so many times, that fourteen days seems like an eternity. And still, the next fourteen days will fly by . . . it’s times like this when it seems I’m sliding down a giant rope, feeling every moment whizz by fully. And […]

Where are you right now, anyway?

If there’s one question I heard the most last year, it was that one. That’s one reason why I’ve started this blog. Whether it’s a road trip, a work assignment, camping or backpacking, I find the most joy out of life when I am on the move, on the road and meeting people or seeing and experiencing something new. And last year, well, it was just really difficult for anyone, sometimes myself especially, to keep […]

The Ritual of Departure

Tis the night before leaving and the rhythm is always kind of the same. I haven’t even packed my backpack yet. That comes later. My plane leaves in eight hours. What’s really important to me right now, though, is cooking and laundry. And then there’s the endless minutia of details that will all fall gracefully into place as they always do. Sleep will also come later.

I just played an Iron Chef match with myself. The […]

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