A Toast To Alex – Part II


Apparently Alex isn’t dead. There was some cryptic mixed up text message sent out to all his friends – from Alex himself via his wife’s cell phone – that “Alex passed.” And lovable scoundrel that he is, we all just assumed that ‘passing’ in his case meant to the other side instead of . . . oh say . . . passing a test, which is what allegedly happened in reality.

I’m really glad […]

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A Toast To Alex

Around noon today while sitting at the coffee shop, Matt says, “Alex died yesterday at four o’clock. That’s all I know.”

Whoa, Alex died?! Alex, the jackass in Nashville who really kind of rubbed me the wrong way? I didn’t really like him too much, but my disdain for him seems so petty now and my sorrow for his pain and suffering in this life is all that’s left. And peace toward his spirit. He sometimes […]

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