Granny’s 90th

Well, her nose finally stopped bleeding. Her main concern was that she’d be all bloody for her party and have to shove  wads of cotton up her nose. That and she was having trouble deciding between three different outfits to wear. In the end, she said that her 90th birthday party was even more exciting than her wedding day – she said it was the most exciting day of her life. I’m glad she was able […]

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Loser Completely Forgets Mother’s Day

Yeah, so I was on a plane. With a cat. Facing a new job. With only two hours of sleep after yet another move.

Yeah, so my Mom knows I love her anyway.

Besides, we’re not big on any kind of holiday.

Yeah, so on the plane, I sat next to an 81-year-old very white Southern Belle artist named Blackie. And I wished her Happy Mother’s day.

But I forgot my own Grandma. She called yesterday. I was at work, […]

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