My Hotel Neighbors, I bid you Adieu!

Ahh, it’s been lovely. It’s been strange. It’s been fun . . . I have some interesting neighbors here at the hotel.

On the other side of a brick wall and alleyway, are some older homes, most of them with junk sitting in the back yards. One morning during a pink and orange sunrise, an old lady dressed like some kind of sherpa with a turban on her head puttered around outside in the cold, hopped […]

Homeless and CAR-less in ABQ

My long week has been interesting for sure. I don’t mind being ‘homeless’ as the Extended Stay America has truly been a comfortable home on the road. I’ve been a bit anxious, but not freaked out or in a bad mood about the whole thing. It’s actually been alot of fun to live in this way. But things have been compounding . . .

On Monday morning, bright and early, my car battery died. […]

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Swankiest Hotel Room in the West . . .

I’m settled in my hotel room finally, with christmas lights, candles and swatches of colorful fabric everywhere. I just know that when I’m gone during the day that the maids have tours come through my room . . . it looks that good.


Travel well tip – In a hotel room, drop the jizz blanket (you know, those nasty bedspreads that NEVER get washed) to the floor. Replace it […]

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