Heartbroken To Tell You I’m Leaving LA

I’ve been nauseous all day trying to write this post. But first, let’s go way back . . .

Way back at the turn of the century, as I prepared to leave Nashville for Los Angeles, my dad and I stood outside together looking up at the night sky.

“You know because of light pollution that you won’t be able to see any stars out there in Los Angeles, right?” he said.

Negotiating A Rent Controlled Buyout

You or someone you know is going through the exquisite pain of negotiating a rent-controlled buyout? I’ve been through it. Here are a few suggestions.

But first . . . a few disclaimers.

I am not a lawyer. I’m just a super detail-oriented chick whose been through this myself. Also – I don’t know any specifics about your town. All I know is how it all went […]

Giving Up The Bungalow

On June 1st of this year, after fourteen amazing years, I gave up my precious Venice bungalow. One of the only places ever in my life that has felt truly like home. It was the place where I re-invented myself after divorcing my first husband and following my dream to move from Tennessee to Los Angeles. It was my little piece of heaven. It was my […]

Bomb Diggity!

“That is the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen,” said Matt. “I can’t believe you brought that home.”

“Yeah, me either.” I said.

*    *     *     *     *     *     *     *

Ten years ago I made a solemn vow to never be in debt again, especially for a car. I wasn’t playing around, I meant that shit.

Then, a couple of years ago, having just returned from South America flat busted broke and in need of a job, my car threw a rod. In LA, to work, […]

Mariachis & Stealth Bombers

Standing in the backyard, about 50 of us gather to celebrate my friend’s mother’s 69th birthday, which happens to fall on the anniversary of Pearl Harbor.

Two large tequila bottles sit on a picnic table surrounded by a few older women. The Patron bottle is empty; they’ve just cracked open the Sauza Commemorativo and are cutting more limes. A line of people buzz around three tables packed full of carnitas, asada, roasted chicken and other delicacies. […]

Santas Conform!

Oh the nog-spilling!

Oh the beer-guzzling!

The tinsel-spewing good times of the LA Santacon  . . .

Matt and I . . . bottom front. El Cid.


Then later . . . I stole a sign from one of those clowns . . .


I’m sporting my grandma’s green taffeta ball gown. As you can see, things got a […]

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Cranky Crusty Granny-Punk

It’s a new movement habit with myself and a few of my other thirty-something girlfriends. We sit together, drink tea and bitch about how much money our IRA’s have dumped in the last quarter. There is always a napkin, usually cloth because paper is so less environmentally friendly you know, to daub crumpet-crumbed mouths. And you’d better believe there is a stack of coasters on hand to protect the expensive mahogany Edwardian secretary […]

Home Traffic Home

We drove 20 and a half hours straight from Texas back to LA. We hit LA just in time for the glory of morning rush hour. We could have stopped somewhere for the night, but between worrying about the safety of the stuff in my car and dealing with pulling out the cat and kitty litter . . . (sigh) we just decided it’d be best to wreck our minds and bodies and push forward. […]

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Last Sunday’s Shenanigan

We all met, most of us didn’t know one another, a flash-mob created at 1:10PM at the Barnes and Noble in The Grove in LA. We each grabbed a book and began reading aloud while walking throughout the store . . . and on the escalators . . . and in the grand three-story balcony.

I was running late, and bustled into the store around 1:09ish, pushing past people, sliding in my flip-flops on the […]

Perfect LA Weekend Top Ten Moments

Jetting into LA last Friday, hours after quitting my job in Albuquerque, I needed a weekend ‘home’ in LA and didn’t even know it. Every moment was GOLDEN. Here are but a few highlights:

1. Running up Washington Blvd, the heaviness of the salty ocean air hits me like an old friend.

2. The door man at Hinano didn’t need my ID; he said, “Girl, where you been? I know them blue eyes. Get yo’ ass in […]