Jesus Loses Eye At Sole Place

As I walked into one of my usual three sole menu restaurants yesterday, I noticed that the place was packed. Not that it´s unusual for a menu place to be busy, but there are so many of them that almost never is one place more busy than any other. Something seemed out of place, but I wasn´t sure what. I was too hungry to notice just then. Matt and I took the only open […]

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Gringo Guide To Three Sole Menus

I’ve grown to love three sole menu places. And the best part is – they´re yummy and entertaining . . .

Because of past stomach problems, I was very picky about where and what I ate when I first arrived in Peru. I only frequented fancier, more expensive (between 5-10USD) gringo places, where they wash their vegetables with purified water. Then I realized I was missing an important piece of the genuine Peruvian experience. All […]

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