New Category – Thrifty Gal Says . . .

Lately I’ve noticed everyone’s buzz word is ‘the economy.’ I’m always looking for small ways to save money and resources, so I’ve decided to regularly share some tips that work for me with my readers.

“The economy” this and “the economy” that. Many people I know who never used to question their purchase power at common places like the grocery store are starting to feel a pinch in their wallet when purchasing what they consider to […]

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And Sometimes You’ve Got No Warning . . .

And then the adventure whisks you away.

One minute you’ve got plans and schedules and the next . . . well, the next . . . you walk into work and they tell you there’s no money.

That’s what happened yesterday. Yep, after three months of starts, stops, promises and excuses, Capitol Films finally conceded – they essentially gave us 24 hours to pack up the accounting office and get out of town. They’ve got a roughly […]

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Some Thoughts On Money

Everywhere I look in the media, the story is the same – articles about families eating more Spam potted meat product to combat the higher grocery prices, stories about the flailing real estate market, blurbs about Washington’s tax rebate, discussions of higher gas prices, advice on how to make your credit rating better. It endlessly goes on and on. And I have to be honest – these stories piss me off. My question to you […]

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