Sneaking Into The Pisac Ruins – Part I

Matt and I and some friends recently made it up to the Pisac Ruins by an alternative – and free – route.

First, I must say that I don’t necessarily think that sneaking into any Peruvian ruins without paying is honorable. However, as I am living here for at least four months, I do believe that paying once is fair and then occasionally going again without paying is fine. That is because I am living here, […]

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The Dump

Disposing of garbage here in Pisac is a unique experience in observation and an opportunity to learn that refuse doesn’t just magically disappear. There is no faraway, out of sight and out of mind dump. We’re all on our own in this matter as there is no garbage man. To have to deal on my own with every bit of waste that’s generated in our household is a humbling and ultimately, a very mindful, experience.

Surprisingly, […]

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Breaking Big Rocks

The work crew shows up six days a week just after the crack of dawn. There’s a lot of work to be done – refinishing the adobe on the house, constructing a network of stone pathways and building raised flowerbeds and a gazebo. Like any construction site, it can get noisy. Most of the noise around here comes from the workers as they break, by hand,  giant rocks that are about the size of car […]

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The Condor House

We´re  living about an hour outside of the old Inca capital of Cusco in the Sacred Valley in the village of Pisac. We live in an down a dirt road about one kilometer outside of town. My friend has style, that´s for sure – the house is shaped like a condor with outstretched wings. The living room has two disco balls that we refer to as the ¨eyes¨of the condor. We´ve been known to crank up the disco ball eyes and […]

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Why Peru?

Wow! If there´s one question I´ve heard over and over again lately, it´s been ¨Why Peru?¨ followed up immediately by ¨Whatever in the world are you going to be doing there for three months?¨

Well . . . I am in Peru because a dear friend asked me if I would house-sit for him. Also, I love this country . . . the mountains are amazing, the people are wonderful, the living is inexpensive and the […]

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Peru Bound

Are all my ducks in a row?


Is everything done?


I’m getting on a plane to Lima in a couple of hours – off to the amazing country of Peru.  I’ll be there for about four months, and will be writing often. Check in with me from time to time! There will be lots to read about. Hope you join me on my adventure!

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The Next Adventure – Winter/Spring 2009

Well, it’s finally time to announce the newest adventure! (Drumroll, please . . . )

I’m heading to South America for the next several months. Please note – I will also be dragging my boyfriend Matt along with me, quite willingly. We’re leaving in less than a week to spend Christmas with his family in South Carolina, then we are outta here, ‘migos! We will arrive to Pisac, a tiny village about 40 miles outside of […]

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