Leaving Pisac A Lil´Bit

The friend I was house sitting for in Pisac came home at the beginning of April right on schedule.

My plan was to house-sit and nest and get all comfy in Pisac for the entire duration of my friend´s vacation and then upon his return to use his house as a sort of home base while I get out there and enjoy some of the sights of this awesome country. So, that´s what I´m doing now.

Last […]

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Apu Pachatusan & The Catholic Miracle

I am lucky enough to gaze at Apu Pachatusan almost every day. It sits in the distance, just down the valley, looming over the Urubamba River, in view of the place I´ve been living for the last five months, on the outskirts of the town of Pisac.

I´ve been calling Apu Pachatusan ´The Rhombus Mountain´ because a unique rock formation just below the tip of the mountain resembles several rhombuses folding into one another. Sometimes it´s […]

For Sale! Touch My Boyfriend´s Beard!

All the locals around here stare openly at Matt´s giant red beard.

Peruvian men don´t have the genes for  growing much in the way of facial hair, so his is a real novelty around these parts. Yesterday, we sat in a shady spot and did our normal thing – watched the Sunday market in the Plaza De Armas in Pisac, Peru. We were quietly resting when Matt suddenly exclaimed, ¨Aha, I caught them! I caught all four of those […]

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Artsy, Chill & Don´t Worry, The Food Doesn´t Taste Like Ayahuasca . . .

Don’t let the name of this cozy little artisan café scare you away. The Ayahuasca Cafe is named after the ayahuasca vine, a vision-inducing shamanic medicine plant of the South American jungle that has the very real ability to heal people on a mental, spiritual and sometimes, a physical level. The ayahuasca brew itself tastes horrible, though,  and you’d never want to associate it with food. I must admit when I first saw the name of the […]

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Mama Chicken Redeemed . . .

Matt and I decided to go to Mama Chicken´s house last night to find out what the deal is with the gringo pricing on their fabulous chicken . . . and . . . my favorite restaurant in Pisac has been redeemed, I´m happy to say.

Apparently, they do have a 4.50 sole portion of chicken – it´s an 1/8 of a chicken, a smaller portion of fries and a smaller bowl of (truly) yummy […]

Bus Nearly Rolls Off Cliff!

Every week, some Latin American paper runs another story about how somewhere in some South American country, some bus falls off a cliff. The bus I was on yesterday came really close to rolling backwards off a cliff and it was scary as hell. And the strangest part of the whole story happened right before I left to go to town, as I said good-bye to Matt.

¨I´ll see you later,¨ he said.

And from out of nowhere, the thought came, […]

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Mama Chicken Bluffed Us All This Time

 . . . . all this time we’ve been paying nine soles for a quarter of chicken and fries. It’s good, but it always seemed a bit expensive to me.

 The other day a girl was walking down the road, pushing a bicycle cart. Just as I was about to pass her, we were coming upon a slight incline. I grabbed the back of the bicycle and began to help her push the bike and cart […]

Rainy Season Is Officially Over

I knew it when I stepped out of my favorite quiet cafe and counted fourteen tour busses lined up on the cobblestone street of the Pisac square. Any doubts I had were immediately erased from my mind when I saw a gaggle of blonde girls run past me, loaded down with plastic shopping bags. One of the trio squealed, ¨So, like, where´s our bus anyway

The rainy season in Peru is officially over. Peru has two […]

Rocoto Relleno Tours

Matt and I sat on the bus in Urubamba, waiting for it to fill up, so we could go back to our little town of Pisac. A little girl of about five walked onto the bus and ignoring everyone else, she shoved a plastic bag in our faces and said simply, ¨Rocoto relleno?¨

A lot of the time, we ignore vendors for the simple fact that in Peru, every second of the day, at every bus or collectivo stop, on every […]

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Pisac Graveyard

Because I just like this picture . . . .


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