The Strikes/Los Paros

A relatively new Peruvian phenomenon are strikes, or los paros. If the strike lasts a longer than a day or so, then it´s called la huelga. In any case, the people of Peru have only recently begun to implement strikes as a form of protest. Usually the strikes revolve around transportation, which can make getting from town to town difficult for locals and tourists alike. (Such a bitch when you´re trying to get to Maccu Pichu, ya […]

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Sneaking Into The Pisac Ruins – Part IV

Yesterday was the ultimate day for Carnival in Pisac. The whole town goes up to the terrace ruins and has a giant party while watching groups of traditional dancers from the entire Sacred Valley vie for the title of first place. The caretaker of our house, a local Peruvian, said that for sure, yesterday would be a free day. This sounds familiar . . . I’ve heard this story before . . . just […]

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Daime, Daime, Daime

My little friends who live down the road still pop out from the pigpen occasionally and scream, “Ho-o-o-ola!!” in a low growl. Sometimes, they can be mean, and try to act like they are going to hit me with their tiny fists, but of course, they never do. I surmise that some day soon when they are a bit older that they might be troublemakers. But for now, I just try to do what […]

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Flashes Of Light In The Sky

Pisac sits at 9,800 feet above sea level. The stars here are amazing, bright and they seem so close you could almost reach out and touch them. Peru is an amazing place in general and because of that, full of folk-lore about mysterious happenings. The energy here is certainly strong, just about anyone here can feel it. Numerous New-Age Westerners have settled here for just that reason. But, you don’t have to be into New […]

Fun With Chicken Skin!

This entire week is Carnival in Pisac and the surrounding areas of Cusco and the Sacred Valley. Basically that means that all the local people close down their shops, drink alot of beer, the market is closed and/or relocated up the street and the plaza is emptied. Everybody has been getting ready for this festival for several months. It’s summer/rainy season now and this is sort of like the culmination of the summer vacation.

There are endless […]

Sneaking Into The Pisac Ruins – Part III

Well, this post isn’t really about sneaking into the ruins, so much as it’s about going on a free day, so I’ve decided to post this entry along with the Sneaking Into The Pisac Ruins saga. So, this week is Carnival here in Pisac. I’ve heard through the local grapevine that the ruins are free today. Perfect timing as my friend Heather has just arrived today for a two-week visit.

There are two legitimate entrances […]

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Sneaking Into The Pisac Ruins – Part II

Matt and his friends decided to go up to the ruins today – via the alternate route that we successfully took before.

I think Turistico Control is onto us local extended-stay visitors to Pisac because Matt and his friends came home unexpectedly early. They were stopped about halfway up the mountain by a ranger with a walkie-talkie who asked them for their tickets. Matt pretended like he didn’t speak Spanish and they simply turned around […]

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Daime Propina Kids Get In Trouble?

Daily the “Daime Propina” kids continue their ritual of asking us for a tip while their pants are down around their ankles. Matt had a couple of friends in town visiting for a few weeks. One of them, our friend Hardy, pulled out a two sole coin one day and said, “Today when he jumps out and shakes his thing at me, I’m gonna tell him to come and get his tip.”

But that day […]

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Daime Propina!

There’s a bend in the dirt road that leads to our house, right at the point where a mostly clear little fast-rushing mountain stream merges with the Urubamba River. In this crux where the two rivers meet sits a little mud brick house. Almost all the buildings in Peru are constructed of mud brick, mine included, but this one is a bit more primitive. There are no windows, just flour sacks covering the space […]

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Sneaking Into The Pisac Ruins – Part I

Matt and I and some friends recently made it up to the Pisac Ruins by an alternative – and free – route.

First, I must say that I don’t necessarily think that sneaking into any Peruvian ruins without paying is honorable. However, as I am living here for at least four months, I do believe that paying once is fair and then occasionally going again without paying is fine. That is because I am living here, […]

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