The Dump

Disposing of garbage here in Pisac is a unique experience in observation and an opportunity to learn that refuse doesn’t just magically disappear. There is no faraway, out of sight and out of mind dump. We’re all on our own in this matter as there is no garbage man. To have to deal on my own with every bit of waste that’s generated in our household is a humbling and ultimately, a very mindful, experience.

Surprisingly, […]

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The Sacred Urubamba

The Urubamba River is wide and fast as it runs alongside the dirt road to my house. This river is sacred to the people of Peru. It flows from Cusco, through the village of Pisac, onward past Machu Picchu and eventually to the Amazon and then ultimately to the Atlantic Ocean.

This river is sacred because of it’s life-sustaining power to the people of this region. Glaciers from the surrounding mountains drain into it, feeding it’s […]

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The Condor House

We´re  living about an hour outside of the old Inca capital of Cusco in the Sacred Valley in the village of Pisac. We live in an down a dirt road about one kilometer outside of town. My friend has style, that´s for sure – the house is shaped like a condor with outstretched wings. The living room has two disco balls that we refer to as the ¨eyes¨of the condor. We´ve been known to crank up the disco ball eyes and […]

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The Next Adventure – Winter/Spring 2009

Well, it’s finally time to announce the newest adventure! (Drumroll, please . . . )

I’m heading to South America for the next several months. Please note – I will also be dragging my boyfriend Matt along with me, quite willingly. We’re leaving in less than a week to spend Christmas with his family in South Carolina, then we are outta here, ‘migos! We will arrive to Pisac, a tiny village about 40 miles outside of […]

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