B. McNeel’s – True Southern Hospitality

Last Sunday in Murfreesboro I roller skated for hours in the hot mid-afternoon sun. After a bit of that, I was hungry – and thirsty. Being a holiday weekend, not much in the way of eateries was open in the historic downtown area of Murfreesboro, where I was happily tucked away with no car.

I rolled up to the square. Sadly, no coffee shops open. In fact, nothing open at all. I was headed back home […]

Rollin’ Through My Old Hood in Murfreesboro

My little getaway abode over the 4th of July weekend turned out to be in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. A friend of mine was out of town and graciously offered her apartment to me.

Murfreesboro was the first place I lived solo. I was 17 years old and rented part of an historic house in the antebellum, but kinda run-down part of town. The place my friend offered was three blocks away from my old house! It […]

Rollin’ Along The Congaree River

Roller skating the winding, woodsy bike path meandering for miles along the Congaree River in Columbia, South Carolina yesterday was very much like a metaphor for my life lately.

I’d heard that the bike path along the river was perfect for roller skating. Up until hearing about the river walk, I was trying to find a good empty lot or parking garage, but all the locals said, “Oh, check out river walk . . . ”

Either […]

Sax Synchronicity

Today I was thinking about this dude I know from around the Venice ‘hood who always rides his skateboard barefoot while playing his saxophone. He cruises through town bringing a sense of peace with him. And sometimes you can be out near the beach in the twilight when the cold and the fog and the wind kicks up enough to send you home . . . and then from the mist, you hear the peal […]

Camel Sexy!

I’m to that point in my life when, sometimes, I have camel-toe and I don’t really care.

It’s my roller skating outfit – stretchy sexy matching workout pants and jacket – with racing stripes on the side of the pants. It’s tight, in all the right places. The orange and brown of the suit match my orange and brown skates. The pants pull up in just the right spot, but not too far. This is no […]