Two Whole Hours!

For the past month, I’ve been driving one hour each way every day from ABQ to Santa Fe and then on top of that working a twelve hour day. That didn’t leave much for doing anything except going to Starbucks every morning, high-tailing it to Santa Fe, working and coming home. It even hurt to stop and get gas . . . . which of course, I had to do quite often.

I noticed the beautiful […]

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Typical Work Day This Week

My typical day this week has gone something like this:

I nearly get blasted by fire by a chef who’s flipping bananas foster and brandy under a big white tent in the high desert in Santa Fe.

I’m drinking Arnold Palmers and watching well-muscled men in metal angel wings walk past my office door while eating gourmet chocolate dipped strawberries.

LuLu the accounting dog hides under my desk whenever she gets in trouble.

And, last but not least, I’m forcing […]

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You Just Never Know

The first time I drove into Santa Fe was last week. I noticed work crews of prisoners in orange jumpsuits picking up trash by the city roadside, in a heavy traffic area. A city bus pulled away from the corner, revealing more orange-clad workers, trash bags in hand, bending over.  And then all of a sudden, it was like slow motion. I watched one of the guys stumble and try to catch himself, but he just kept […]

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Happy Number Monkey!

Well, I started a new job today (yeah, already!) on a different movie, this one in Santa Fe. I’m working with people I’ve not worked with in seven years! And I had the best day!

I really enjoy crunching numbers, solving problems, speaking the language of numbers. It was nice to remember that.

And I was thinking all day about how perfect my weekend in Los Angeles was last weekend. I quit my job on Thursday, flew […]

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