The Aggravating Singaporean Tissue Issue

Sure, sure . . . Singapore is that weird place where they hang tourists at the airport on Friday afternoons for any kind of drug possession, but are completely OK with a red light district. Most people know about that already. But I want to discuss something which you may not be aware of . . . something of utmost importance for the Western man with ample facial hair – The great Singaporean Tissue […]

Blood -N- Guts At Haw Par Villa



My favorite cheesy attraction in Singapore by far is Haw Par Villa (pronounced Whore Paw Villa). As an Ang Mo, of course I love it for the pronunciation of the name alone, but the putt putt golf-like plaster sculptures of bloody Chinese mythology and fables are, like, the best thing ever.

The guy who invented Tiger Balm built this park a couple […]

The Most Caucasian People In Singapore

My husband and I are *the* most Caucasian People in Singapore right now, I guarantee it.

We have traveled to this equatorial city-state to be a part of a very traditional Chinese wedding. (Well, except that the groom is American.) One of Matt’s best friends, Blair, is getting married and so we decided to bring the most American thing we could think of – fortune cookies. We marched right […]