The Best Bus Driver Ever

His name is Maleke and he drives a tiny little bus in the suburbs of Columbia, South Carolina.

I´d had a trying day. I was staying with Matt and his family in the suburbs of Columbia, South Carolina. I like to ride busses where I can, whenever possible, even when an alternative is available. Yes, there was an alternative available – Matt´s mom offered us the car. But I just wanted to ride the bus, mostly […]

Resurfacing After a Few Days

When I jetted out of Columbia, South Carolina a few days ago, it was a mighty hasty departure indeed.

I had the best time working on that movie. I met the best people in the worst of circumstances. That happens sometimes. When they told us that we had 24 hours to pack up accounting, I just wanted to throw up. And I just wanted to leave town and disappear for a few days.

I was flying to […]

The South Carolina Zombie Posse

I woke up this morning and found a chicken foot in my purse.

Perhaps I should explain myself. Last night, being Friday the 13th and all, we decided it would be a good idea to dress up like zombies. I mean, why not?

First, remember that I am in Columbia, South Carolina. I have found some cool kats here to hang with, but this is a fairly small, conservative southern city. The longer I’m here, […]

Rollin’ Along The Congaree River

Roller skating the winding, woodsy bike path meandering for miles along the Congaree River in Columbia, South Carolina yesterday was very much like a metaphor for my life lately.

I’d heard that the bike path along the river was perfect for roller skating. Up until hearing about the river walk, I was trying to find a good empty lot or parking garage, but all the locals said, “Oh, check out river walk . . . ”

Either […]

Arrival in Columbia, South Caro-lih-nah

Ah have arrived, my shugahs. 

And aside from the taxi cab ride to my hotel and the ritual of hanging of christmas lights in my hotel suite . . . I have done not a damn thing except acquire frizzy hair and view some magnolia blossoms. All these things make me very happy.

Frank was EXceptionally good on the two plane rides, shuttle van ride, taxi cab ride and short subway jaunt it took to get here […]

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Bustin’ Out O’ The Burque!

The last couple of weeks have been a bit unstable. I knew I was moving, but wasn’t sure where or when or how . . . . my roommate and I finagled our way out of our lease, so whoo-hoo! I’m free to roam again . . . and that’s exactly what I’m going to do . . .

Sunday morning, Frank, the cat and myself will fly from ABQ to Columbia, South Carolina for […]