First Things I Will Do When My Job Ends

1. Take a nap. For as long as I want. This may take a couple of days.

2. Take a nice long bath. If I can find a bathtub. Except for one fleeting moment, I’ve had only shower access for months. Strange.

3. Pamper my feet. This article explains how chipped nail polish is all in vogue. Apparently chipped toe polish is still faux pas. Here I go again, forging new trends without even […]

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Top Ten Interesting Things About This Office Space

On a film production, the office space is always in some dirty, janky hole. The wiring and computers are never quite ergonomically set-up, there are always some kind of little annoying hoops to jump through and we all just kind of deal with it because the nature of our jobs are reactionary and very temporary. I’ve battled sandstorms, critters, paint fumes, lack of windows and insane property owners in the past . . . […]

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Healthy Eats Guidelines While In The Deep South

1.     Always ask for your dressing on the side. Trust me. Even if you’ve requested half the normal amount of dressing, you still are going to want your lettuce to not be floating in an ocean of caesar.

2.     It’s really difficult to find dark green lettuce. Or hummus. At least within a five mile radius of a mall.

3.     Try not to smack the kids at *insert unnamed restaurant here* who pronounce Minestrone as “min-est-rohn.”

4.     Don’t ask to […]

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