Negotiating A Rent Controlled Buyout

You or someone you know is going through the exquisite pain of negotiating a rent-controlled buyout? I’ve been through it. Here are a few suggestions.

But first . . . a few disclaimers.

I am not a lawyer. I’m just a super detail-oriented chick whose been through this myself. Also – I don’t know any specifics about your town. All I know is how it all went […]

Giving Up The Bungalow

On June 1st of this year, after fourteen amazing years, I gave up my precious Venice bungalow. One of the only places ever in my life that has felt truly like home. It was the place where I re-invented myself after divorcing my first husband and following my dream to move from Tennessee to Los Angeles. It was my little piece of heaven. It was my […]

My neighbor, Lou Diamond Phillips

Or as I refer to him – to his face – LDP. (He’s my buddy, I can get by with that.)

It all started some time last year. I was at a storytelling show in my neighborhood and got invited to sit at a table with a bunch of people I didn’t know. I said hello to my new friends and the natural course of conversation […]

Black Friday Pimp ‘N Ho Action

It’s noon on Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving. Not a conventional shopping day for everyone . . .

Matt’s brother and sister-in-law are coming over any minute and I’m taking some stuff that’s been cluttering up the bungalow outside to hide in my car. I hear a woman outside the gate yell, “Bitch, I will kick your ass!”

“Yeah, bring it,” screams another.

Their voices are close, I can see movement on the other side of the […]

King Cobra & The Full Moon

Last year I worked on a film shoot where we had a mock-up liquor store scene. So, the show purchased several thousands of dollars’ worth of two buck chuck and King Cobra Malt Liquor in addition to having multiple liquor distributors pitch in truckloads of freebies for product placement.

After the show ended and the liquor store set was struck, all the good liquor went home with various crew members. No one ever called accounting . […]

Perfect LA Weekend Top Ten Moments

Jetting into LA last Friday, hours after quitting my job in Albuquerque, I needed a weekend ‘home’ in LA and didn’t even know it. Every moment was GOLDEN. Here are but a few highlights:

1. Running up Washington Blvd, the heaviness of the salty ocean air hits me like an old friend.

2. The door man at Hinano didn’t need my ID; he said, “Girl, where you been? I know them blue eyes. Get yo’ ass in […]

To Tempt You, Dear Readers

Last night, my friend Stu and I were having a bit of late, post-dinner conversation for my last evening in Venice.

“I’m gonna have to look up your blog. Read the stories. Because I know I’m in some of them!” he said with a big grin.

“But, not necessarily,” I told him. “the ‘really good stuff’ doesn’t make the blog. That’s the material for my books!”

So just imagine what’s NOT making it up here. Ah, ya’ll […]

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Action in Venice’s Ghost Town . . .

I’ve been getting up early every morning with sunrise. A new Anna. But yesterday morning, I kept waaay hunkered down beneath the covers, even though my plan was to get up early and do laundry. I’m forever looking for an excuse to not do my chores, but this was not a reason for sleeping in that I welcomed.

I was awakened this morning at 5 AM by the sound of a good ole-fashioned gunfight in my […]

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One signature, one vote.

If you can only remember one thing about voting, then remember this: One signature, one vote; that’s why you sign the roster.

Here’s a picture of the inspector of our precinct and another pollworker officially sealing the red ballot box after closing the polling place.

Sealing the ballot box.

I was so wiped out, I slept nearly the entire day after the primaries, but I did have time […]

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A Guide To Polling Place Etiquette

1. Do not talk on your cell phone while giving your name to the Roster Clerk. This actually happened to me today. I said, “I will help you when you are finished with your call. Next?” And the guy got pissed off, asking, “Tell me where there’s a law?”

2. Do not huff and puff and crowd old people in line. Come on. That’s just wrong. They are old. Someday you will be too. Oddly […]

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