Why Peru?

Wow! If there´s one question I´ve heard over and over again lately, it´s been ¨Why Peru?¨ followed up immediately by ¨Whatever in the world are you going to be doing there for three months?¨

Well . . . I am in Peru because a dear friend asked me if I would house-sit for him. Also, I love this country . . . the mountains are amazing, the people are wonderful, the living is inexpensive and the […]

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Where Are All The Pictures?

Someone asked me that question yesterday . . . where are all the accompanying pictures for these adventures?

Well . . . I must admit that I own more than several cameras, but for some reason the last few years I’ve taken a bit of a hiatus from using most of them, even though I have a tendency to carry a camera with me just about everywhere I go. The only thing I can figure is that […]

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