Wow, I don’t know where to begin. The past few days have been wonderful and funny; strange and sentimental. The past five days flew by, yet there were often slow moments of awkwardness, where time seems to stop. I never spent one second completely alone, and that for me was strange. I suppose I could have gotten up early in the mornings and take a walk, for we were certainly in some gorgeous rolling countryside – but the mornings were 8 degrees!

I have some restaurant reviews to post. Boy, did we eat! I’m going to have to do a week-long cleanse to counteract the BBQ, Waffle House, and all the other hearty foods. And the best pizza ever in the history of the world just happens to have originated in my hometown. My sister nearly had a meltdown at midnight because we couldn’t find a Dunkin’ Donuts, after we’d promised her that the chain does indeed exist in Champaign-Urbana. I’m going to tell you about the freakiest lil diner in Owensboro.

We were on the road alot, driving in a circle from Nashville to Owenboro to Champaign-Urbana Illinois and then back to Owensboro and then back to Nashville. We told lots of stories and laughs. No one fell asleep or listened to music; we chatted the whole time and definitely made some memories. We grabbed granny from the retirement center and helped her run her errands. Namely we dropped her off at Gene’s Clip N’ Curl, where she gets her bi-weekly hairdo. The woman, bless her heart, hasn’t washed her own hair in 30 years. Then my sister had an idea – to knock on our mother’s door. I hid in the car and took pictures. More on alla that later, this is just a wrap-up.

Owensboro, where my Dad and stepmother live, is comforting and homey and I can see why they like it. I often say I come from gypsy-stock and it’s true. Seeing Mom and Dad in Owensboro was like a breath of fresh air. They live in a really nice campground snug in a little travel trailer and the five of us and their two dogs fit comfortably during our afternoon visits with no problems! Everyone told funny stories and laughed alot.

I got my brother and sister really drunk on our last night together. It ended with Jimmy passed out on the couch in our hotel room, Tammy and I drawing obscenities on our brother’s face with liquid eyeliner. The next day was a little rough for all of us, but we gave hugs and said good-bye’s. Then I bounded off for a chance for an afternoon with girlfriends in Nashville who I’ve not seen in three years!

All in all . . . great trip . . . more posts related to it to come.