My friend Kyle and I caught up last night in Champaign – Urbana. I was literally about to get in the car and drive off when I got his phone call. I’m so glad I stayed. I met Kyle and his family through couchsurfing a few years back and we’ve remained great friends throughout the years. We hadn’t caught up for a couple of years.

Kyle is one of those people who thinks about things like I do and who enjoys the simple things. Case in point – there we were, sitting in front of a picture window at The Esquire in downtown Champaign, our legs kicked up on the barstools in front of us, watching a thunderstorm roll through, eating peanuts and throwing the shells on the floor. In that moment I was reflecting on how relaxed I was and how good it was to see my old friend when he said, “you know, this is what life is all about . . . ”

And I knew just what he meant.