Well, it’s finally time to announce the newest adventure! (Drumroll, please . . . )

I’m heading to South America for the next several months. Please note – I will also be dragging my boyfriend Matt along with me, quite willingly. We’re leaving in less than a week to spend Christmas with his family in South Carolina, then we are outta here, ‘migos! We will arrive to Pisac, a tiny village about 40 miles outside of Cusco, Peru by New Year’s Eve. And you will be able to read all about it here.

I spent a few months in and around Cusco back in 2005 and I’m really excited to be going back again – this time for a more extended period of time. People constantly ask, “What are you going to be doing down there?” Well, I’m going to be writing a book, relaxing, living and loving every moment of it.