I’ve been absent from the blog world for the past week because I’ve been living on the farm and there’s no internet up there. I can’t even begin to list all the insanity that’s gone down this past week – but here’s a quick sampling . . .

We went to a show, met up randomly with a couple of people from Memphis and ended up giving a ride back to one of them after her sketchy roommate ditched her in Nashville. From there, things just got stranger . . . we ended up staying in Memphis for two days. Note: Protection in Memphis seems to come in the form of an aluminum baseball bat behind the door and a pit bull named Money.

We saw some good shows, went to a pirate bar, became lifetime members of Graceland Too in Mississippi (which is so strange and surreal that I will have to blog about it separately), ate some damn good BBQ, stumbled literally into a cool-ass hostel for one night and met some very interesting characters.

Other than that, I’ve been living it up on the farm. I like it there. Taking walks, finding 4′ long snake skins, hanging laundry on the clothesline, drinking real milk from the next farm over, making tobacco stick bonfires, dancing til all hours of the morning to old records, tractor drinking . . . Life is good.