So last week after we got back to the farm from our Memphis excursion, we decided to check out a bar in Springfield, Tennessee that the locals call the ‘Stop ‘N Stab.’ We’d heard lots of tales and warnings, but wanted to check it out for ourselves.

We couldn’t find it at first and stopped at a local liquor store to get directions.

First, we inquired about Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka. I’m here to tell you that it’s the BEST stuff. It’s made in South Carolina and kind of hard to find outside of the extreme Southeast. We’re running low and need to special order some more. Then we also asked for directions to The Piggy Pit – the real name of the ‘Stop ‘N Stab.’

The liquor store saleslady’s eyes got really wide when we inquired and she said, “Oh, I’d never go there unless I knew somebody. People die up there. People get shot and stabbed ‘n stuff.” Perfect! That’s just what we heard too!

“Well,” we said, “we want to go anyway.”

“Hey Mike!” she screamed to the back of the store to the her manager, “How do you get to that shootin’, stabbin’ place? They wanna know!”

We got directions and headed out. I’m not gonna lie, we were scared. We were even worried about where we parked. But when we got inside, it was just another normal community beer joint. People didn’t smile at us. They looked at us. We looked at them. I think we were lucky because it was still daylight. We ordered one round and then left. The place is in a bad neighborhood, so I could see how it might get rough at night.

Ha! We’re going tomorrow.