I’m going to be gone (?) two weeks, three weeks or possibly one month or more. I’m going to the humid lands of South Carolina in the late springtime. I’ve done my research and packed accordingly. I’ve traded heavy coats for my cute little dress collection.  I’m going to be working in an office for a couple of weeks. Then I’m headed to a huge camping event outside of Austin where we’re going to burn stuff and get kind of crazy. All within these next few weeks.

All before I come back – ahem – home. Err, well, that is to my (haha) Albuquerque storage unit and my car which I’m going to stash at the airport.

I have to pack for both. So I’ve done it . . . I’m traveling light and I’m traveling strange. This is a new one.

Among the standard fare like toothbrush and undies, I’m also bringing my roller skates, a cat litter box, camping tent, an alphabetizer and an array of sparkly stuff. I think that says it all. But every swath of strangeness fits snugly and conveniently into one rolling duffle and one box.