No doubt about it, somewhere in the ether, somewhere in this collective consciousness . . . we are all connected. Believe it.

I received a random text message last night from an old high school friend whom I have known for going on twenty years now. He’s one of those old friends who continually pops in and out of my life throughout the years. We’ll completely lose touch, only to re-connect randomly and we always pick right back up where we left off as though no time has passed. His txt msg was a simple “Still Alive?” His number got lost a couple of years ago in some Chicago taxicab one night when my cell phone disappeared, and I’ve been out of touch since with no way to reach him.

So, I returned his text with a call this morning and true to form, we began chatting away as though we’d never been out of touch. I asked, “So, do you talk to anyone from school?”

“Thankfully, no!” he replied, “but I do wonder what Holly D. is up to these days, where she is, what she’s doing.”

“Yeah, me too,” I said. Then I told him he should check out my website, but he admitted that he’s not ever on internet these days.

And then I proceeded to go about my day, spirits uplifted just a bit because I’d heard from my old friend . . . when . . . I came to work and checked my email. Unbelievably, sitting in my incoming mailbox was an email from Holly D!!

The last time I remember seeing or talking to her was the night of my crazy high school graduation party at some hotel when she blasted in the door, showing off her brand new tattoo that she was finally able to get because she’d turned 18. Today she just happened to look me up on the internet and she sent an email my way, asking “Is this Anna from Smyrna? I think it’s you.”

It is! It’s me. She must have been google-ing my name as Dan and I were reminiscing about her. That’s connection. Make no mistake, when your ears burn, it’s for a reason.