If there’s one question I heard the most last year, it was that one. That’s one reason why I’ve started this blog. Whether it’s a road trip, a work assignment, camping or backpacking, I find the most joy out of life when I am on the move, on the road and meeting people or seeing and experiencing something new. And last year, well, it was just really difficult for anyone, sometimes myself especially, to keep up with whose couch I was crashing or which hotel was home. I lived, worked and played in nine cities from August to December of last year alone and I figure that this often wild ride should be documented.

My home base is Venice Beach, California. I live in a little bungalow with Frank the cat who takes care of the place when I’m not around. I roller skate from pier to pier on the boardwalk every single day that I can when I am home, because often I find I’m not home, and missing my skates. I was ready to chill in Venice for a bit after landing home in December and relax . . .

But I just got my latest assignment. I’ve known sketchy details for about a month now, but I’m making an official announcement. I will be temporarily relocating to Albuquerque for some months. I’m excited about the prospect of working and living in such a beautiful landscape. The land there has spirit and depth. Work will be intense, but I feel like I won the lottery when it comes to co-workers and career, so even on the difficult days, I’ll have a smile on my face.

So I have T-minus three weeks and counting to get my life rounded up – and parts of it will go to ABQ, parts will stay behind. I don’t worry too much about the particulars, because just like taking off for a five day journey, the details kind of take care of themselves. I’ll find a place to live, I’ll figure out what to do with all of my stuff. I just try not to get in the way by thinking about any of it too much.