Wow! If there´s one question I´ve heard over and over again lately, it´s been ¨Why Peru?¨ followed up immediately by ¨Whatever in the world are you going to be doing there for three months?¨

Well . . . I am in Peru because a dear friend asked me if I would house-sit for him. Also, I love this country . . . the mountains are amazing, the people are wonderful, the living is inexpensive and the food is fresh and local. Peru is also a great place for healing. There is something about the land that I connected with the last time I was here, so I figured why not come back?

Besides, I´m always happy to have an opportunity to brush up on my Spanish. I like to immerse myself in a place that´s completely foreign and different than what I´m accustomed to. Peru is a place where you get to live very close to the land, far away from the bagged, tagged and sanitized for your protection attitude of the US. Most of all, I´m here to live in a rural environment where I will be far, far away from the lure of finding parties and other social engagements. Because, I suppose I could say ´no´to going out all the time with the groups of friends I´ve made in every single city across the USA, but I never do.

So, I´m here to ostracize myself a bit and to write and to be far, far away from distractions.